Why is investing in a retirement plan during your 30’s a wise decision?


Retirement Planning

The Thirties is a time when we either have a family or we want to start a family. This period leads to a large amount of responsibility. Expenses increase as we age, as our children enter school, and our bills for everyday services and many other things increase.

Some of us wish to have our own house in our thirties; being able to live in your own home is like the end of a fairy tale. So, to come up with the prospect of a brighter future, think of Retirement Planning after you hit your thirties.

Why there is a need for a retirement plan?

Planning for retirement is a vital element of financial planning which everybody does to manage their expenses. Additionally, it can aid with medical emergencies as well as reaching life goals and financial independence. As when we get old, our dependency on our children also diminishes.

Sometimes  Retirement Planning funds can be helpful to your children’s college fees and marriage also. In India, we know how much colleges charge and how much a wedding cost. This type of planning can be able to cover both these life steps for you.

Following are the more reasons to have a Retirement Planning

  • A person can’t work indefinitely.
  • Complications like medical emergencies are more likely to occur.
  • Time to fulfil life goals.
  • Don’t rely on your kids.
  • Maintain a positive impact on the family even after retirement.
  • Start early with your preparation and diversify your investment portfolio.

Benefits of Retirement Planning

Anyone after retirement can have a peaceful life because now money works for you that you have invested in your younger age. Tax savings might also be achieved by planning for your retirement. As a result, PPF and NSC investments are tax-free under Section 80C of the Income Tax Act. For retirement, they are ideal investments. In addition to retirement planning, several investing possibilities qualify for tax savings.

When you are in your 30s and start retirement planning, it will reduce the expense of retirement. If the policyholder is younger, they will have to pay less in premiums. The expense of getting insurance in retirement is high.

How can we plan for Retirement?

No matter you are 30 or not, if you are reading this and you have a job or a good business, then start investing in your retirement plan.

Before investing in anything, check the facts that are given below.

  1. Decide on the investment horizon before investing.
  2. Cost-benefit analysis
  3. The asset mix must be decided


It’s never too early in investing your money, once you earn quite a good amount. When we are young, we work 9 to 5, but after when we get old, we won’t be able to handle the same workload, and at least in our old days, we deserve some peace. Planning for your retirement is a wise choice once you have crossed your 30s or coming to your 30s.

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