Why Demat & Trading App Is Important For Investors?


Trading provides a great opportunity for traders and investors. A few decades ago, trading was very different. Information wasn’t readily available, and the trading process was complicated. Without a broker, you would not be able to trade efficiently. A major reason was the previously followed hearsay method, as it would require you or your broker to be physically present at the stock exchange. They would use vocal communication or hand gestures to buy and sell shares. This all changes with the advent of the internet.

Demat & Trading App

Stockbrokers were capable of trading with the help of a terminal that was directly connected with the stock market. This provided real-time information on prices with more investment opportunities. The shares, however, were still traded and transported in their physical form. This led to many discrepancies in the trading experience where shares were lost during postage, misplaced, etc. Malpractices like forgery of shares and trading without owning shares were carried out as well. The establishment of depositories and Demat accounts led to a trading revolution.

Demat accounts provided the safety that physical shares lacked. Demat accounts enable traders and investors to store securities in a dematerialized form. This provides them with a safe way to store securities without the hassles of physical trading. Trading became convenient and easy. All that was left was to create a way for everyone to trade. This led to the creation of Demat & trading apps. Trading apps led to a wave of increase in middle income class participation in the stock market. The stock market provides everyone with an opportunity to create an alternate income source.

Trading apps have innovated trading to make trading extremely easy. They come with multiple benefits and can aid you in various ways.  A few benefits are

Demat Account

Opening and managing a Demat account has become extremely easy with the help of an online share trading app. Various stockbrokers have their apps, so you as an investor have the choice of your stockbroker. The process of opening a Demat account is extremely simple and can be completed from the comfort of your home.

The process generally involves filling out a form. The form contains basic information regarding you. Along with this, you will have to submit a few documents and complete the process. The last step to be completed is KYC. KYC or knowing your customer can be completed in person or online via the eKYC process. After completion of this process, you can use your Demat account to its fullest.

Portfolio Management

With the help of the trading app, you can easily view all your securities and holding in one go. It gives you the opportunity to see how your portfolio is behaving in real-time while providing you with the chance to improve it. You have transparent and complete information about your portfolio. Demat & trading apps provide a one-stop solution to portfolio management.

Effortless Trading

Online share trading apps have made trading easy. You can trade on the go or from the comfort of your home. All you need is the application and a decent internet connection, and you’re good to go. Good trading has multiple features at your disposal that you can make use of. They also possess multiple trading tools with in-built strategies that you can use.


Along with trading facilities, a good trading app will have good customer support associated with it. There can be various factors you might need help with. There could be issues in the application, or you may face an issue with your Demat account. Having a good support staff can help you solve your issues quickly. Apart from this, another way you might need support is learning and understanding the stock market. If the application is able to provide information or lessons for you to learn, it’s an added bonus. Having all these benefits can boost your trading experience, making you a better trader and help you to gain good profits.

As a regular trader, a Demat & trading app is very important. Not only does it give you hands-on experience in trading, but it also can make your trading experience easy. Trading apps are made to make your life easy, and choosing the right trading app can benefit you in many ways. There are multiple online share trading apps that various stockbrokers provide. One such app to consider is the IIFL Market app.

IIFL Securities is among the leading stockbrokers in India, and they have been helping traders and investors for the past 25 plus years. They are capable of providing various personalized services based on your investing needs and risk appetite. This ensures that you trade optimally based on your capabilities. You can try the IIFL Markets app by downloading it from the app store today.

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