What is F&I and How Can You Embrace the Best Practices with Sales


Car dealerships should optimize their F& I department as a way to boost revenue and profits. Today the profit margins of car dealerships are shrinking, and owners need to now emphasize the product sales generated by the F&I department. If you fail to optimize the processes associated with F&I, you lose revenue and a competitive edge in the market too.

Understand what is F&I processes are?

When it comes to the question as to what is F&I– it means to finance and insurance. Most car dealership managers generally lack sufficient training in this field. Due to their lack of expertise, managers cannot optimize the F&I division of their business. Most managers are stuck with the thought of moving cars, and they do not consider other avenues to generate income. Modern F& I managers are needed as this outdated method of thinking will not last for a long time.

Embrace the following practices if you want to make the most out of your F&I department-

  1. Present all your products to all of your customers- You should present all of your products to all of your customers all of the time. This is the basic rule for F&I optimization. This, of course, does sound obvious; however, most owners of car dealerships are not following this rule. This is why they are missing out on all their basic targets and suffering losses in the market. It becomes very hard for you to sell something that the customer does not know about.
  2. Work on product training programs- It is quite common that very few employees are actually aware of the full line of products on offer in any F& I program. This is where you should beef up product training programs. Your whole team should be aware of the product benefits and features currently on offer. Your team should also be aware of their coverage limits so that customers get accurate information. Note, if your team is not aware of the product, they will not be aware of selling it in the market.
  3. Pay attention to compliance- As a car dealer, you must pay attention to compliance. All F&I dealerships tend to make money, and the profit that you generate is associated with multiple regulations and laws. As a dealership, if you forget, disregard, or even ignore compliance for F&I, you face a lot of risks in the future in the form of hefty fines. You must take time to fully understand the rules of compliance and abide by them successfully. Moreover, your whole team should be trained in compliance as well as that they are aware of the rules.

You should list all F&I products on your site. This information will help buyers know about what is F&I and give them an insight into your products.

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Today customers are very informed and product savvy. They look for credible sites that not only give them quality products but detailed information as well.

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