The Keys To A Home As An Investment


In a moment that we can define as strange, in the midst of a healthcare de-escalation, many real estate experts are betting on predicting that we are in one of the best times to invest in rental housing. Visit “Apartment for Rent in Dubai City” if you want to invest in rental housing.

Home As An Investment

With demand soaring and supply stagnant, now, investing in rental housing is an option that can offer you great returns. We analyze the main keys to investing in housing successfully.


If we want to make a successful investment in rental housing, we have to focus our attention on the following elements:


The location of the property is important when investing in rental housing. Analyze the market situation in the area (supply and demand) as well as characteristics of the profile of the tenant who moves there.

On the other hand, we have to take into consideration elements outside the property such as services, transportation, green areas…


It is very important that before advertising on the market a home that you want to rent, it meets the criteria of optimal habitability and suitability.

For this, not only is it enough to review the proper functioning of everything, but it is necessary to repair and reform all those things that are not in perfect condition.

In addition, we must invest in giving a face wash and sanitation to the walls of the house, cleaning and, of course, clearing and depersonalizing everything. The main objective is to make the property attractive to tenants. On the other hand, reforms, arrangements… you will help us to revalue the property.


Once the house is conditioned, it is time to set the rental price. For this task, it is always advisable to enlist the help of real estate professionals.

To correctly set the rental price, we will have to carry out a complete market study.

And that is that setting a price higher than the market price, will make the house take longer to rent and, in addition, short-term leases will be produced, while setting a price below market will cause the desired returns not to be obtained.


The selection of the tenant is one of the points to which we have to pay special attention.

Although, a priori, all the tenant candidates who visit the property seem ideal, the truth is that often appearances are deceiving, so it is essential that we make sure to choose the perfect tenant, the one who will take care of the property and pay the rent.

To make a good selection of the tenant , we will have to request supporting documentation, from identification, to labor or bank.


Investing in rental housing and obtaining the desired returns is much easier if we do it through real estate professionals.

In Secure Rental we help you throughout the process, advising you and managing the property in an integral way. In addition, we guarantee the timely collection of income on the 5th of each month, keeping delinquencies at 0%.

Do not know how to invest in rental housing ? Ask us! Our real estate advisers will answer all your questions.

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