How To Get a Personal Loan as Fast as Possible


Emergencies come up in everyday life, which forces you to need cash fast. Unfortunately, that amount might exceed your own savings. The only resort remaining is getting a personal loan as fast as possible.

Lenders have the capacity to offer quick cash loans, but there are institutions that will try to take advantage of your desperate situation by forcing you into a personal loan that comes with excessive fees, a high interest rate and a long-term payment plan. The need for immediate cash doesn’t afford the time necessary to find emergency cash loans that fits within your own financial parameters.

Still, before signing your life away, you will need to sort through the choices before coming to a final decision. Luckily, there are ways to get a personal loan as fast as possible.

Research For Lenders With a Fast Approval History

If you’re looking for the best interest rate and low application fees, you may need an extended period of time to find a lending institution that fits those criteria. Usually, to get a personal loan as fast as possible, it may take up to three days to gain approval on an application. But for those individuals with an excellent credit score, they can gain instant access to a quick personal loan with no requirements needed.

To go this route, you must show proof of identification and income before a lender quickly processes the loan application. Plus, you may need to designate some form of collateral to secure the agreement. This is putting something of value against the loan, which could be taken from you and sold if the loan is defaulted.

The interest rate runs between 10-15 percent on quick cash loans as they come with an origination fee that is between one-to-five percent of the dollar amount borrowed. Usually, the latter is paid at the time of the loan application submitted.

Apply For a Character Loan Through Your Bank

Character loans aren’t available on the open market, but they can be secured through your bank. Some lending institutions call this type of emergency cash loans as a “signature” loan because it doesn’t require any form of collateral attached to the agreement. Instead, the bank has all the information needed for instant approval within their own records.

Usually, their decision comes down to your income and credit history. However, the lone drawback of a character loan is your bank will implement a high interest rate, but it will be quite lower than other lenders because they value you as a long-time customer. 

Peer-to-Peer Lending (P2P)

One of the more popular options in getting a personal loan as fast as possible is peer-to-peer lending. Whether it’s for quick financing, paying for college or starting a business, P2P lending is debt financing that enables an individual to borrow money without the need of of a lending institution. However, P2P lending involves plenty of financial risk for the borrower, especially if you default on the loan.

Yes, you will have to apply to receive the personal loan as your credit history will be verified as well. Be prepared to share your need for a quick loan as there are other borrowers competing for the same available cash. With P2P lending, you may receive a loan from one or more lenders who are offering their money in exchange for an agreed upon interest rate.

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Granted, you will receive a more favorable interest rate than one from a banking institution. All borrowers will have to pay an origination fee that could range from one-to-eight percent depending on your credit history. Finally, you will be expected to make monthly payments to each lender.

All missed payments will be subjected to a late fee, which is usually five percent of the unpaid loan.


When you need to get a personal loan as fast as possible, bad decisions may occur that leaves you in financial disarray. It’s important to do your research and don’t fall into unsavory lending traps. Try to stay calm and get informed on quick cash loans before making a decision.


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