5 steps to buy a 4G SIM in your city


Getting a new postpaid connection starts with buying a 4G SIM card. We outline the steps.

A mobile phone is no longer a luxury but a big necessity in your life. You can use your phone for everything you need, from shopping to watching TV shows, and from banking daily to booking movie or flight tickets. The point is, your phone is your gateway to the world and all that you identify with.

Getting a new postpaid connection are easy – leading service providers facilitate the process online as well. It starts with buying a 4G SIM for the postpaid plan. Do follow these steps to buy the SIM card –

1 Research your options for the best service provider.

You can get a good postpaid connection if you select a good service provider. You can buy a 4G SIM from a leading service provider, so that the purchase process goes smoothly and you can get a good deal.

2 Apply for a new connection online.

Once you decide which 4G SIM to buy, you can apply for a new connection online directly from the service provider. If you are buying a postpaid connection from a leading provider like Airtel, you can find out the process for buying 4G SIM from them by initiating the purchase process online. Airtel responds to the request in under a couple of hours, and you can take the process forward.

3 Look for the best postpaid plan for your city.

Once you are certain of the service provider you want to buy the 4G SIM from, you can look for the best postpaid plan available from that service provider. For instance, if you are buying from Airtel, you can look for the postpaid plans currently available with them. Look up the current postpaid plans for your city (known as ‘circle’) and which one suits you the best. Look for the plan features, how much data you get per month, network speeds, add-ons like one-year free Amazon Prime subscription, etc. Airtel offers all these features when you buy the 4G SIM connection from them.

4 Complete the KYC process.

After you initiate the purchase process, you have to fill out the application form provided by the service provider. Apart from the application form, you have to submit proofs of residence and personal ID,

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with recent passport photographs. After this, the service provider verifies your address and other details. This is part of the KYC (Know Your Customer) process for the connection. After the KYC process is done, your postpaid SIM card is activated.

5 Insert the SIM and start using it.

Once the new postpaid SIM is activated, you can insert the SIM card in your phone and start using the connection.

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