These 5 Symptoms Will Tell You That Your Website is Dying…


web design company revamp

A website revamp also means upgrading or facelifting your website into the current trend while keeping abreast with technology.


Usually, it could involve an overhaul of the entire engine.


While the change can be difficult, but it is definitely necessary.


The online trend is ever-changing and web designs too must follow suit.


A website is the face or forefront of your business. Having a good impression is key to online success.


Businesses today make decisions based on your website, and this will tremendously improve the trust factor by 75%, according to Edelman research.


But when is it exactly the right time? The answer is NOW or if your website is experiencing these symptoms;


Before you read further, you should get a quick free consultation from a professional web design company, see what they can offer you from a wide range of solutions to your existing problems.


#1. Not Mobile Friendly


Over 80% of internet users now use smartphones to communicate. We are not sure what happens to the remaining 20%, but let’s assume, they too are catching up.


Having said, if your website is not mobile-friendly, then it is useless. By friendly means, people can actually browse through your website with a mobile device, and not just merely appearing like popcorn.


Revamping your website and optimising it to latest mobile devices is essential to keep up with the online pace.


#2. Low Ranking in Search Engine


Google changes its algorithm every day.


If your website does not appear when people search you on Google, then it is not usable at all. Might as well stay nowhere to be found.


Having said, if you appear at low ranking pages, it is equivalent to useless too.


When revamping your website, implementing the latest SEO techniques is important. It should comply with the latest Search engine standards and make sure that you are ready to kick butt online.


Don’t be afraid when you are at the top page; flows of business juices will be served non-stop.


#3. Flash Site


Bloody hell, that was a 1994 technology and it was once a prime thing to have on a website. It’s like putting a highest diamond grade on your ring.


But now is the year 2020 already man, almost 26 years and Google has already decided not to render flash sites anymore.


Since the iPad killed Flash in 2010, some mercy from Google continues to play and render for websites, but looks like time is up!


Flash is dead.


If your website is still running flash, chances are it will snap off like a flash.


Revamp with proper HTML5 technology and render perfectly for every device will please your users.


#4. Poor User Experience (UX)


Buttons are everywhere, colours fluffing like an Indian festival, slow loading speed and a bunch of heavy load images; these will give poor user experience and add insult to wasting your users time.


User Experience is paramount to website success. If your user has a bad experience, it means the website is poorly done.


Remember to hire professional web designers to help you design the user journey to the website. But, not building a ghost house.


#5. Lack of Clear Message


What is your website trying to tell? Does it have a story or an important point that you need to deliver?


Clear messaging is a branding exercise.


Don’t pop with a 50% discount at the home page upon landing, just when you feel like it.


This immediately kills your brand image.


Hire expert copywriters who are also cum growth marketer, cum former designer. Therefore, you can get the most out of this talent. Usually hiring a web design company will nail it.




If your website is facing any of these symptoms, just any of it, it is really time to take action Revamp your Website!


Any of these left behind will not cut the meat. This is like the formation of Captain Planet. Geddit?

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